2008 financial crisis reading list


The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report

Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson, and Timothy Geithner, Firefighting and First Responders

Alan Binder, After the Music Stopped

Alan Binder, Andrew Lo, and Robert M. Solow, Rethinking the Financial Crisis

Jeffrey Friedman and Wladimir Kraus, Engineering the Financial Crisis

Michael Lewis, The Big Short

Bethany Mclean and Joe Nocera, All the Devils Are Here

Gretchen Morgenson, Reckless Endangerment

Andrew Ross Sorkin, Too Big to Fail

Adam Tooze, Crashed

Martin Wolf, The Shifts and the Shocks


Martin Neil Baily, Matthew S. Johnson, and Robert E. Litan, “The Origins of the Financial Crisis” (Brookings)

Perry Anderson, “Situationism à L’envers?” (review of Tooze’s Crashed), New Left Review

Films and Videos

The Big Short, directed by Adam McKay

Panic, HBO’s Vice

Crisis on Wall Street, CNBC

YouTube: “The Crisis of Credit Visualized” (by graphixmdp), “The 2008 Financial Crisis” (by CrashCourse), “Crises of Capitalism” (RSA animation of David Harvey lecture), “The Root Cause of the Financial Crisis: The CDO” (by Paddy Hirsch), “The Financial Crisis: A Decade of Debt” (by Financial Times)

Crisis on Wall Street Extended Cut interviews: Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffett, Hank Paulson, Timothy Geithner

Radio and Podcasts

“The Giant Pool of Money,” This American Life