The following is a partial list of exams I have taught privately since 2010.

I scored perfect on the GRE general test (170 math, 170 verbal), a 790 on the GMAT (51 quant, 48 verbal), and an 890 (92nd percentile) on the GRE subject test in mathematics, which is required for most PhD programs in mathematics.

  • GRE general test (all sections: quantitative, verbal, analytical writing)
  • GRE mathematics subject test
  • GMAT (all sections: quantitative, verbal, analytical writing, integrated reasoning)
  • LSAT (all sections: logic games, logical reasoning, reading comprehension)
  • Exam P for actuaries
  • AP exams: calculus, computer science, physics, statistics
  • SAT subject tests: literature, mathematics levels 1 and 2, physics