The following is a partial list of subjects I have taught privately since 2010.


Math 19A, Modeling and differential equations for the life sciences
Math 19B, Linear algebra, probability, and statistics for the life sciences
Math 21A, Multivariable calculus
Math 21B, Linear algebra and differential equations
Math 22A, Vector calculus and linear algebra 1
Math 22B, Vector calculus and linear algebra 2
Math 23C, Mathematics for computation, statistics, and data science (with R)

Physics 12a, Mechanics from an analytic, numerical, and computational perspective

CS 50, Introduction to computer science (with C, Python, JavaScript)

Ec 10a, Microeconomics
Ec 10b, Macroeconomics
Ec 1123, Introduction to econometrics (with Stata)

Eng Sci 150, Probability with engineering applications
Eng Sci 151, Applied electromagnetism
Eng Sci 155, Systems and control (with MATLAB)
Eng Sci 156, Signals and communications (Fourier theory)
Eng Sci 280, Systems engineering

Stat 104, Introduction to quantitative methods for economics (with Stata)
Stat 109, Introduction to statistical modelling
Stat 110, Probability
Stat 111, Introduction to statistical inference
Stat 139, Linear models

BMIF 315QC, Computational statistics for biomedical sciences (graduate)


18.02, Multivariable calculus
18.03, Differential equations
18.06, Linear algebra
18.062 / 6.042, Mathematics for computer science
18.600, Probability and random variables

15.454, Financial mathematics (graduate)

8.01, Mechanics
8.02, Electricity and magnetism


CS 109, Probability for computer scientists

CME 100, Vector calculus for engineers

Phil 150, Mathematical logic

University of Cambridge

E100, Microeconomics (graduate)
E101, Applied microeconomics (graduate)
E300, Econometric methods (graduate, with Stata)

University of California, Berkeley

Statistics for data science (graduate)

Brandeis University

CS 130, Theory of computation

Boston University

Phil 360/633, Symbolic logic

Ma 213, Basic statistics and probability
Ma 225, Multivariable calculus
Ma 226, Differential equations
Ma 242, Linear algebra
Ma 293, Discrete mathematics

Ec 505, Elementary mathematical economics (graduate)
Ec 508, Econometrics (graduate)

Qm 221, Probabilistic and statistical decision making for management

King’s College, University of London

Introduction to philosophy of language

Northwestern University

Math 300, Foundations of higher mathematics

Boston College

Math 1004, Finite probability and applications

Econ 2228, Econometric methods (with Stata)

Northeastern University

Math 2321, Calculus 3 for science and engineering
Math 2331, Linear algebra
Math 3081, Probability and statistics
Math 4581, Statistics and stochastic processes
Math 5050, Advanced engineering calculus with applications

Suffolk University

Stats 250, Applied statistics

Bentley University

Ec 282, Introduction to econometrics (with Stata)

Ma 214, Intermediate applied statistics
Ma 243, Discrete probability
Ma 252, Regression analysis
Ma 352, Mathematical statistics

Babson College

QTM 2000, Case studies in business analytics
QTM 3610, Applied multivariate statistics

ECN 3620, Econometrics